Board of Health


  • Desiree Cinnoti
  • Cynthia Dilatush
  • Merri Stein Gurian
  • Yair Kissin
  • Diana Nash
  • Sanjeen Patel
  • Joanne Florio, Council Liaison


The Board of Health, in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Management, asks those with any health conditions or needing special services in case of an emergency, to please fill out this online questionnaire. Alternatively, you may call the Borough Hall at 201-327-2196 and we will mail it to you. Upper Saddle River is a member of the Bergen County Board of Health. As one of three commission towns, Upper Saddle River is an integral part of this organization. Seven other contracting municipalities comprise the commission.

The Bergen County Board of Health provides more comprehensive services than could be provided independently by the Borough. Full time personnel including a New Jersey State Licensed Health Officer, Environmental Health Specialist/Sanitary Inspector, Office Manager/Registrar, and a Principal Clerk/Deputy Registrar staff the commission office. The Board of Health and the Regional Health Commission meet five times per year to review septic and health inspections, monitor health complaints, and discuss relevant and current health issues. A rabies clinic is held annually and is well attended.

Health Inspections

The most visible job of the Health Department is to inspect restaurants and food establishments for cleanliness, proper food handling and storage. A course for food industry personnel on safe food handling procedures offered throughout the year. Check the Bergen County Board of Health's website to look for class dates. If you have questions about food safety and sanitation in your own kitchen check out the following websites: Food and Drug Administration and Food and Safety Inspection Services of the USDA. Current recalls are also listed there.

Septic Systems

Anything related to septic systems comes through this office. Any complaints of septic overflow or odor are investigated and handled in the best interest of public health. If you have a septic system, it is wise to have it pumped every 2 to 3 years for a family of 4. Also, water conservation goes a long way to extend the life of your septic. There is great information on septic systems at the state website.

Well Testing

Since September 2002, the Private Well Testing Act has been in effect. For real estate transactions of properties with wells, a comprehensive test must be done by a certified laboratory. We have a list of labs that perform this test in northern Bergen County. The above website also lists labs, but we contacted many labs from the state list and very few serve our area.

See information on Perchlorate in Well Water.

West Nile Virus

Property maintenance as it pertains to health and sanitation is also our responsibility. For the past few years West Nile virus has been a major concern in Bergen County. Stagnant water often found in unclean swimming pools and ponds offers a breeding ground for mosquitoes, the carriers of the virus. The state has an informative website for the disease and easy steps for residents to take to protect themselves from this disease. Find information about West Nile Virus. Overgrowth and weeds are not only unsightly but provide harborage for rodents and other animals. They are a contributing factor to West Nile Virus too. Debris and garbage also contribute to these problems.

Lyme Disease

Lime Disease is on the rise and we have information in our office on ticks and Lyme disease. Many informative websites exist for Lyme disease. The American Lyme Disease Foundation and Lymenet, a New Jersey organization, offer information, resources and support.


Rabies exists in New Jersey and the health department works to keep it out of the area. The borough requires licenses for its dogs and cats. Upper Saddle River hosts an annual rabies clinic at the firehouse in the fall. A current rabies inoculation is necessary for licensure. Your pet needs a rabies inoculation every three years.